Welcome to the Fur Takers of Oklahoma website. As a newly formed fur harvesters association in the State of Oklahoma, this organization strives to educate and properly represent the interest of Oklahoma’s Fur Harvesters. After all, fur harvesting is more than a tradition … it’s sound management for nature’s fastest renewing resource.

In truly understanding the previous statement, the Fur Takers of Oklahoma welcomes everyone involved in wildlife conservation. We would like to extend a special invitation to seasonal fur harvesters, predator callers and nuisance wildlife control operators alike. Thank you.

    F.T.O. Mission

  • To EDUCATE the public on fur harvesting.
  • To promote the HUMANE & ETHICAL harvesting of fur-bearers.
  • To PROVIDE information, booths & events for the public and membership to increase their knowledge of trapping and the American heritage and traditions that have been built over 200 years.
  • To ENSURE that FAIR & PROPER harvesting regulations are in place which support wildlife conservation efforts within the State of Oklahoma.
  • To ASSIST the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation in their efforts to maintain proper wildlife management.
  • To maintain a family oriented environment, while having fun and passing on the heritages of wildlife conservation to the next generation.


Click here for the Oklahoma Bobcat Management Plan in .pdf.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file.
OK Bobcat Management Plan Cover


All donations assist the F.T.O. in advancing the heritage and traditions of fur harvesting and wildlife conservation efforts. We thank you. 


NTA 2015 Affiliation



Destroying the Myth

Predator Management through trapping is VITAL for other species.