Presidents Report October 2013 –

Presidents Report October 2013 –

Hello everyone.

In this first report, there’s not a lot to report on, as this is still a very new association. However, I can proudly report on several issues that have unfolded on our behalf. First, we were legally registered as a non-profit organization in the State of Oklahoma, as the Fur Takers of Oklahoma Inc. (DBA:FTO). We have also received an FEIN from the IRS which is required by law, and are currently awaiting our approval from the IRS for a Federally recognized tax exempt 501(c) association, which is looking very promising.

We have organized and provided multiple way for new members to join this organization, with multiple options on each in the form of: choice of monthly publication and choice of delivery method of the quarterly newsletter. Even the PayPal method of joining has the options provided in the membership form which is downloadable and printable.

I have a few members considering accepting positions on the Executive Board and the Board of Directors, but as I write this report, we are still in need of a Treasurer and 2-3 Directors. The Bylaws are formed for the FTO, and agreed upon by the governing members we currently have, as I will get them posted once the finalized version is approved and received. Our members will have a voice in any changes or modifications to the Bylaws in the first meeting, which we are also making plans for, as well as a possible fur auction in March 2014.

We are also looking into an approved design for a logo, that truly indicates what this association is about, and where we are located. We’re currently toying with the idea of incorporating the seal on the state flag into the logo.

We have organized and started a Facebook page “Closed Group” for members only, for those who like to socially “network” on FB. But we do not yet know if we will have an association discussion forum, as it has been tried in the past with very little or no participation.

There is more that I would like to report on, but it will need to wait for a later, more appropriate time.

In closing this report, I would like to make one thing clear to all who question the organization of the Fur Takers of Oklahoma. We absolutely DID NOT form the FTO to “split” the state, or other associations. We formed in order to better represent the interest of fur harvesters in Oklahoma … so you can be a member of the FTO and hold memberships with other associations. We particularly want to let both fur trappers and certified NWCO … that they are most welcome here.

Thank you & be safe.
Reginald Murray, President

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