Hello from Bristow

I would like to tell everyone hello from Bristow, Oklahoma and offer my apologies for “dropping the ball” on the latest Presidential Report which was not included in the Trappers Post.

We have a Fur Auction on March 8, 2014 in Okmulgee, Oklahoma at the fairgrounds and we sincerely hope to see you all there, as it should be an excellent first auction for us.

I write this just a week out from the auction, to notify you of several things we are doing for you, the FTO and upcoming events. The FTO is now an Affiliate of the National Trappers Association and Mrs. Janice Johnson is our Current NTA Director, as well as our organizations Treasurer. Thank you Janice for stepping up to that plate s to speak.

We have have a couple donations to speak of which have been made to the FTO as well … those being traps from Tomahawk Live Trap Company, and several traps from Comstock Live Traps including the live beaver trap that everyone is waiting to see.

There will be ODWC employees at the auction to tag cats and otter, so don’t worry about rushing for tags. We are also planning for the spring meeting, but we will know more about the time, date and location after the auction has passed. Please stay tuned to the events page of the website for more information about our events.

We have a Facebook page for those who like to “network” socially, which is open to the public with administrative approval of their account, as well as a closed discussion forum for members only which can be access through the website.

All of us are “antsy” about the upcoming auction, not knowing what the market is actually doing beyond speculation, but I have invited the Oklahoma Taxidermists Association Membership and every fur buyer that I had an address for in TX, OK, KS, MO, AR and LA to attend … so we should have a lot of buyers, which are key to a successful auction.

Our menu at the auction for lunch will consist of Sloppy Joes, chips, drink and a dessert for $6. There will also be a baked goods sale.

The Biologist Aaron Ghaemi, has been working very hard to secure new regulations for Oklahoma trappers, which look like they will be approved. A couple being a 2 otter limit in each county statewide, and the allowed use of “dog proof” traps on WMAs.

We hope everyone had a good season, an we look forward to seeing you at the auction and all other FTO events. Remember to take some youngsters with you to the field, teach them and keep our traditions and heritages alive.

Thank you.
Reginald Murray, President

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