President Report – Jan – Mar 2014

President: Reginald Murray (918) 694-8190
Vice President: B. J. Johnson (918) 398-3813
Secretary: Jennifer Murray (918) 367-9060
Treasurer / NTA Director: Janice Johnson (918)650-2205

F.T.O. Memberships and Fees

Junior – Age 16 and Under with Publication …………………………$10.00
Individual – With Monthly Official Publication ………………….…..$20.00
Family (1+ Spouse) – With Monthly Official Publication ……………$25.00
Lifetime – With plaque or patch and Publication ……………………$300.00
Lifetime (60+) – With plaque or patch and Publication …………..…$250.00
Members benefit option: receive a quarterly newsletter via U.S. Postal Service or Email.
Members benefit: Publication – Trapper’s Post Magazine.
Members benefit: participate on the Fur Takers of Oklahoma GROUP Facebook page & FTO Members Only Discussion Forum.

To obtain a membership, please visit and you can purchase through PayPal from this page, or download the membership form in either MS Word or .PDF format, fill it out and mail it to: Janice Johnson – FTO Treasurer, 18197 S. 337th West Ave., Bristow, OK 74010

Presidents Report
Hello from Bristow, Oklahoma.
I would like to first thank all of our members, new and old, for their support in the Association. Without your support and efforts, we could not exist. Thank you very much. I would also like to apologize for “dropping the ball” on the last issue. I did not get my report in time for you to read it and that’s my fault. Because of my mistake, this report will be a bit long, so please bear with me, as I have a lot of information to share, and a lot of people to point fingers at. If by chance, I missed a volunteer or supporter by name, you have my sincerest apologies for doing so and my deepest appreciation for what you do and did.
First things first: the finger pointing –
I am pointing the finger at the following people: Our Officers and Directors which are B.J. Johnson, Vice President – Jennifer Murray, Secretary – Janice Johnson, Treasurer / NTA Director – Joe Stanbro, Director – Sam McGill, Director – J.D. Casey, Director – Justin Masterson, Director. I would like to thank each of you personally for your efforts, participation and support of myself and the FTO.
I would also like to thank the following people for their time in volunteering and their support. Below is a list of those I would also like to point a finger at, along with their personal efforts and activities. These people assisted with the recent Fur Auction that was held on March 8, 2014 at the Okmulgee County Fairgrounds in Okmulgee, OK.
•    Mr. Bud Hampton, Fur Auction Volunteer and Bee Honey Vendor at the same. Thank you.
•    Mrs. Glenda Walls, Fur Auction Volunteer and Kitchen Supplier (she makes great Cinnamon Rolls by the way). Thank you.
•    Mrs. Jennifer Murray, Secretary, Fur Auction Volunteer & Kitchen Supplier (Excellent Banana Nut Muffins and Snicker-doodles, honey). I can call her that, she’s my wife. Thank you.
•    Mr. B.J. Johnson, Vice President & Fur Auction Volunteer
•    Mrs. Janice Johnson, Treasurer / NTA Director, Fur Auction Volunteer & Kitchen Supplier (WONDERFUL sloppy Joe recipe). Thank you.
•    Mr. Joe Stanbro, Director & Fur Auction Volunteer. Thank you.
•    Mr. Sam McGill, Director & Fur Action Volunteer. Thank you.
•    Mr. Josh Mattox, Fur Auction Volunteer. Thank you.
•    Mrs. Nettie Bennett, Fur Auction Volunteer. Thank you.
•    Ms. Dakota Rush, Fur Auction Volunteer. Thank you.
•    Ms. Morgan Long, Fur Auction Volunteer. Thank you.
•    Mr. Chas Murray, Fur Auction Volunteer. Thank you.
•    Mr. Weston Long, Fur Auction Volunteer. Thank you.
•    Mr. Tyler Payne, Fur Auction Volunteer. Thank you.
•    Mr. Cooper Mattox, Fur Auction Volunteer. Thank you.
•    Mr. Leon Melton, Fur Auction Advisor. Thank you.
•    Mr. Brian Seaton, FTO Promoter, Supporter
•    Mr. Jeb Hollingshead, Okie Cable & Trap Supply Vendor
We had a great turn out at the Fur Takers of Oklahoma, Inc. FIRST annual fur auction, and we will improve on each fur auction we have in the future, like the one schedule for March 7, 2015 at the Okmulgee County Fairgrounds. I would also like to thank the vendors as follows: Okie Cable & Trap Supply (thanks for the new trapping equipment). Bud Hampton’s Pure Honey (wonderful honey, thank you.) Comstock Trap Company and Tomahawk Live Trap Company (Thank you for the donations).
I would like to extend a most gracious “Thank you” to all of the fur buyers who were in attendance at the auction, and a personal invite to attend all future FTO Fur Auctions we will have. Our buyers are as follows:
1.    Ernest Kovacic, KS
2.    Tommy McCormick, MO
3.    Michael Shaun Jagger, OK
4.    Jeb Hollingshead, OK
5.    Charlie McAmis, OK
6.    Terry Free, OK
7.    Joe Duryee, MO
8.    Gordon Campbell, OK
9.    Glen Johnson, KS
The FTO would also like to thank the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation for their participation in the fur auction, in particular Aaron Ghaemi, Gary Don Cullum, G.W. Patrick Matlock,  G.W. Lt. David Robertson and others for tagging our bobcats and otter. We wish you the best in your retirement Gary Don … but don’t be a stranger; you are always welcome to visit us.

The March 2014 FTO Fur Auction results can be found at either the website page  or on the FTO Facebook page at We would also like to thank the auctioneers for their efforts. This was the first fur auction for the FTO and the first auction of its kind for the auctioneers. Everything has room for improvement, and next year we will be more able to show it. But the entire FIRST fur auction was a successful one, as well as a learning experience from start to finish. Next year will be stronger, better, faster … we have the technology and we can rebuild it.

Now for the future as we look forward. Aaron Ghaemi has been working very hard and very successfully to gain grounds for Oklahoma trappers. More information can be found on the website, but a couple of things I would like to convey are:
•    His appreciation of the FTO supporting his efforts in advancing and promoting trapping in Oklahoma
•    And 4 otter per licensee statewide and the legal use of “dog proof” traps on WMAs that allow trapping will go into effect for the 2014-2015 season.
•    We will be hosting our Spring Meeting in Okmulgee, OK this year at the Okmulgee County Fairgrounds (same location as the fur auction) on May 31, 2014. Please see the website for the activities schedule.
•    We will announce the date, time and location of the Fall Meeting during the springs meeting.
•    We have already secured the time and date for our next known scheduled fur auction, which will be March 7, 2015 at the Okmulgee County Fairgrounds.
•    We are looking into the possibility of having an earlier fur auction as well … this is TBA in another report and on the website once the decision is pinned down. We look forward to seeing you there.
•    We will have information soon for our members also listed on the website, sent out in email and other media outlets in regards to the NTA event being held in our region soon.

Your Officers and Directors have been requested to attend the O.D.W.C. Oklahoma Wildlife Expo ’14 to be held on September 26-28, 2014. If we attend, we will have an educational booth and I will possibly hold a seminar. If we are able to participate, look for the FTO booth if you are able to attend that event.

More information about your association can be found on the pages of the website at Please use the contact form on the website’s “Contact Us” page if you have any suggestions, ideas or other input about your association.

I look forward to meeting each of you at our events, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel the need to.

Thank you.
Reginald Murray, President

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