Presidents Report – May

Hello from Bristow, Oklahoma.

As I write this, the weather has been trying to figure out if it still wants to be winter, transition to spring or go straight to an Oklahoma Super Summer. The spring turkey season has a few days left in it, and I hope our turkey hunters were able to bag a bird. I have been listening to a single Tom out in the woods for the past couple weeks, but have not had any luck in calling him up for a shot … so I have all but given up, and turned my attention to the water and some fishing. I might even take time to go out with my own boys for the spring squirrel season which opens on May 15. Either way, its time well shared with my family, so do yourselves a favor, and make some wonderful memories by taking out a youngster or two.

I wish this letter would find each of you before the spring meeting on May 31 … but this letter had to be turned in by May 15, 2014 to make the July / August issue of the Trappers Post. So I hope that I was able to see everyone at the past spring meeting in Okmulgee. At the time this will be delivered … season will be just around the corner, where we’ll be thinking about all of the supplies we need (AND WANT) for the upcoming season. Before you make out your “wish list” for the season, be sure to check your regulations for the “new changes”. Doing so could impact your decision on what you might, or might not purchase. Especially in regards to raccoons and “new legalized equipment” authorized on the WMAs.

If you have, or know a member who has had an address change, please contact Janice Johnson or Jennifer Murray and update your information, so that you can continue to receive updates and news from the FTO.

As a final note, I unfortunately have been tasked with some information about notifying trappers in Oklahoma to please DO NOT contact your representative in order to attempt a regulation change. Doing so is perceived as a “slap in the face” to the Wildlife Commission. Oklahoma has a few Representatives and Senators who do not know anything about trapping in Oklahoma, and some who are outright against it. Please allow Aaron Ghaemi to do his job with the wildlife department. Aaron is the Fur Bearer Biologist, and he is a trapper. He has proposals in the works that will benefit trappers in Oklahoma, but could be undermined by trappers writing letters to the state. The F.T.O. will notify each member when and if there is an appropriate time to write to legislation on a trapping / fur harvesting issue. When and IF this occurs, we will be instructed to do so by the wildlife department, as all other avenues for positive change would at that point, be exhausted.

Normally, I am completely “ALL FOR” any legal citizen writing their Representatives, but not in this case. If you would like more information about this issue, or to discuss it, contact me directly.

Thank you.
Reginald Murray, President

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