President Report – Jan 2015

President: Reginald Murray (918) 694-8190
Vice President: Joe Stanbro (918) 693-3803
Secretary / Treasurer: Jennifer Murray (918) 367-9060
NTA Director: Reginald Murray (918) 694-8190

F.T.O. Memberships and Fees

Junior – Age 16 and Under with Publication …………………………$10.00
Individual – With Monthly Official Publication ………………….…..$20.00
Family (1+ Spouse) – With Monthly Official Publication ……………$25.00
Lifetime – With plaque or patch and Publication ……………………$300.00
Lifetime (60+) – With plaque or patch and Publication …………..…$250.00
Members benefit option: receive a quarterly newsletter via U.S. Postal Service or Email.
Members benefit: Publication – Trapper’s Post Magazine.
Members benefit: participate on the Fur Takers of Oklahoma GROUP Facebook page & FTO Members Only Discussion Forum.

To obtain a membership, please visit and you can purchase through the PayPal system without an account, using a credit card or check card from this page, or download the membership form in either MS Word or .PDF format, fill it out and mail it to:
Jennifer Murray – FTO Treasurer, 36175 Pinehill Road, Bristow, OK 74010

Presidents Report
Hello from Bristow, Oklahoma.
I hope this letter finds everyone doing well with “fat” checks from the fur buyers for the goods you’ve sold. As I write this report, I am currently trying to figure out what to include in this letter and what not to. The reason being is that we have a LOT going on in the FTO for future planning, events, activities and we’re just coming off a season that produced another successful fur auction considering the very adverse weather and driving conditions we were presented with on February 28, 2015.
Thanks: The FTO would like to give thanks to the following people for their assistance in the fur auction, and willingness to “step up” and accept a Director’s Position until voting occurs in 2016:
• Fur Auction Assistance
1. Sam McGill (Director)
2. Justin Masterson (Director)
3. J.D. Casey (Director)
4. Craig Hendrix (NEW Director)
5. Andrew Thurman (NEW Director)
6. Joe Stanbro (Interim Vice President)
7. Jennifer Murray (Secretary)
8. Weston Long (Auction Fur Hauler)
9. Morgan Long (Auction Food Handler)
10. Sheila Masterson (Auction Food Handler)
11. Tyler Payne (Fur Hauler)
12. Toby Hendrix (Fur Hauler)
13. Chas Murray (Fur Hauler)
14. Chris Opitz (Auction Computer Assistance)
15. Nick Grimmett (Auction Information Assistance)
16. And a special thanks to anyone else that I might have missed or forgotten while writing this report.
• Special Thanks:
1. Mr. Jerrod Davis (ODWC Fur Bearer Biologist)
2. Mr. Jeff Neal (ODWC Biologist)
3. Mr. Patrick Matlock (ODWC Game Warden Okmulgee County)
(A Special Thanks is offered to these three gentle for braving the elements in order to come and tag bobcats & otter for us.)
• Congratulations To:
1. Mr. Matthew Kelly, winner of the Savage Model 93 .17HMR
2. Mr. Mark Hamilton, winner of the Chiappa Double Badger .22 Over 410
The Fur Market and the Auction have shown a decline in the prices for most everything this year. But please remember, most trappers / callers harvest in order to carry on a tradition, a heritage and to pass the experience, skills and instruction along to the next generation of trappers / callers. The FTO does not “call off” an auction because of the weather. We simply figure if the weather isn’t going to stop us from checking our lines, then it shouldn’t stop us from proceeding with a stated auction. So we hope to see everyone at the next fur auction, which will be at the Okmulgee County Fairgrounds on March 5, 2016.
Please stay tuned to the F.T.O. Facebook page ( and website ( for the dates, times and locations of all F.T.O. Events. Please note that FTO Members Only can join the Fur Takers of Oklahoma, Inc. Facebook page at and the F.T.O. forum located at Members will need to create an account and have it approved to join and participate on either.
I would like to thank Mr. Jeb Hollingshead and sons for bringing their company, Okie Cable & Trap Supply to the fall meeting as vendors. I would also like to give special thanks to everyone who assisted in the fur auction, though at the time of this letter we do not know who all volunteered, so we will name them off at with thanks in the next newsletter.
If you wish to show your support to our own Oklahoma Suppliers: you can give Okie Cable & Trap Supply a call with your orders and requirements at 918-429-4648 or visit them on their website at
You can also thank Mr. Lauren Garren for conducting the auction for the FTO. We look forward to having him back at the future auctions and any other FTO event he wishes to participate in. Thank you Sir.
As the FTO continues to grow exponentially in membership and participation, we are looking forward to these upcoming dates and activities:
• Spring Meeting – May 30, 2015 to be held at the Rocky Point Recreation Area located at Lake Fort Gibson. A map with directions can be found on the website “Events” page … or you can simply drive into Wagoner, OK and ask anyone where Rocky point is, and they will give you directions. There will be a stated Directors meeting the Friday evening of May 29, 2015. Since we have so many “new” trappers, we will have skinning and fur handling demos offered by several people. We will have a Fish Fry dinner with “pot luck” sides, so please bring a dish, drink or dessert compatible with a fish fry. Camping is allowed, so unless you make reservations for a camp site, it is a “first come first serve” basis at the gate. During the Membership Meeting will be asking the membership to consider the following amendments and additions to the FTO ByLaws.
1. A price increase of $5.00 minimum for both the Individual and Family Membership Fees.
2. An additional ByLaw entry that states as follows: “That any member of the Board of Directors or Executive Officers, who has received a wildlife violation, may be immediately dismissed from the elected position after a Committee Review consisting of no less than 2 Board of Directors Members and 1 Executive Officer Member has been conducted and such committee finds reasonable cause for dismissal. Upon dismissal, the Committee shall immediately appoint an “Interim” Director or Officer with approval of all remaining elected position office holders, to serve out the remainder of the term until the following election.
The 2015 FTO Gun Raffle:
$10.00 Per Chance / 3 tickets for $25
1st Ticket gets FIRST choice of three firearms
2nd gets choice of two firearms
3rd drawn gets remaining firearm
Guns given are:
1. S&W AR15 Sporter .223 / 5.56
2. Benelli Nova 12 ga
3. Ruger Single 10 .22 cal
The F.T.O. would like to thank you for supporting our organization. Your donation will assist us in all we do for our community. Drawing will be Sept. 12, 2015 at the Fall Convention unless all tickets are sold early. You must be legally able to possess a firearm in OK to receive the item if you win.

For more information please visit the website at
In closing … remember to take a kid or two out hunting, fishing or trapping with you when you go … the activity could literally have a positive effect on their lives and how they grow up. Be safe, and we’ll see you at the 2nd Annual Spring Meeting (TBA on the website).
Reginald Murray, President

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