President Report – Nov 2015

President: Reginald Murray (918) 694-8190
Vice President: Joe Stanbro (918) 693-3803
Secretary / Treasurer: Jennifer Murray (918) 367-9060
NTA Director: Reginald Murray (918) 694-8190

F.T.O. Memberships and Fees

Junior – Age 16 and Under with Publication …………………………$10.00
Individual – With Monthly Official Publication ………………….…..$25.00
Family (1+ Spouse) – With Monthly Official Publication ……………$30.00
Lifetime – With plaque or patch and Publication ……………………$300.00
Lifetime (60+) – With plaque or patch and Publication …………..…$250.00
Members benefit option: receive a quarterly newsletter via U.S. Postal Service or Email.
Members benefit: Publication – Trapper’s Post Magazine.
Members benefit: participate on the Fur Takers of Oklahoma GROUP Facebook page & FTO Members Only Discussion Forum.

To obtain a membership, please visit and you can purchase through the PayPal system without an account, using a credit card or check card from this page, or download the membership form in either MS Word or .PDF format, fill it out and mail it to:
Jennifer Murray – FTO Treasurer, 36175 Pinehill Road, Bristow, OK 74010

Presidents Report
Hello from Bristow, Oklahoma.
I hope this letter finds everyone doing well. If you have not had time to capitalize on one of the many hunting seasons yet, take time to do so and bring a youngster with you if possible. As for myself, I have been deer hunting (with no results yet, but I will get me some meat before season ends) and I am awaiting the waterfowl season to open this weekend, as I write this letter. My traps are dyed, my steel is sharp for skinning and fleshing and my beam and stretchers are eagerly waiting to be put to use. Speculations has prices down on fur again this year, but remember we trap and harvest in order to carry on a heritage … not to make millions. So don’t let the market scare you off your line. Get out, bring some friends or youngsters with you and pass along this wonderful tradition. I met a “new this year” trapper today myself, who just happens to live close by who has a lot of eager questions. I look forward to assisting him as best I can this year, along with other trappers who started in the last year or two as well as my own kids. The memories made for me are worth more than any amount I could hope to obtain at the auction.
Please contact us and let us know if you have had a change of address so that we can get that information updated and you do not miss your subscription. We do have the new FTO patches which will be $5 each. If you wish to have some before a meeting you can mail payment to the FTO Address along with $5 for each patch you wish to have.
Please stay tuned to the F.T.O. Facebook page ( and website ( for the dates, times and locations of all F.T.O. Events. Please note that trappers can join the Fur Takers of Oklahoma, Inc. Facebook page at and the F.T.O. forum located at
As the FTO continues to grow exponentially in membership and participation, we are looking forward to these upcoming dates and activities:
• 2016 Fur Auction – March 5, 2016 at the Okmulgee County Fairgrounds in Okmulgee, OK. Doors will open at 7:00 AM and the auction will begin at 9:00 AM. Regardless of weather conditions, the fur auction will proceed as planned. Seller numbers will be issued beginning December 1, 2015. Reserve your seller number by calling Jennifer at 918-367-9060. Please note: REGARDLESS of weather conditions, the fur auction will NOT be cancelled. It will proceed as planned.
• 2016 Spring Meeting – Time, Date and Location TBA. This is the first election for the FTO since the formation of the organization. ALL nominations must be turned in no later than the Fur Auction date, unless the Board of Directors decides otherwise. “Write In” nominations on the ballots will not be valid. Please check with those you wish to nominate to ensure they are willing to accept the nomination and that they meet the requirements of the ByLaws.
The FTO would like to thank the following companies for bringing supplies and vending at the fall meeting:
• Okie Cable & Trap Supply
• Stanbro Lures & Supplies
• American Coon Caps
And the FTO would like to thank the following companies for donating and supporting the FTO:
• Davenport Archery & Sports of Prague, Oklahoma
• Minnesota Trapline Products
• Hoosier Trapper Supplies
• PCS Outdoors
Please show your support to these companies. Links to their businesses can be found on the website.
Some regulation changes that are new this year and will be in effect are as follows:
• Effective November 1, 2015: resident fur dealers no longer required to provide advance notice of each and every place where business is transacted.
• Effective November 1, 2015: All traps shall bear the name of the owner of the traps, except for any traps set on property owned or leased by the owner of the traps.
• Effective November 1, 2015: on any lands where smooth-jawed double-spring offset traps are used, the posting of signs shall be required at all entrances from public roads and highways. The requirement to post signs shall not apply if the person is trapping on property owned or leased by the person.
For more information please visit the website at
In closing … remember to take a kid or two out hunting, fishing or trapping with you when you go … the activity could literally have a positive effect on their lives and how they grow up. Fishing is always good in Oklahoma and the Fall hunting seasons are open. Just another month and the trapping season will begin. Remember your target species get their winter coats at different times of the season, so for the most financial gain on your furs at auction, make sure to target your fur bearers in the right months to ensure prime pelts. I would also like to add that you need to harvest your skunk essence and beaver castors if possible to sell at auction, these two items bring good $$$$ for what they are. If at all possible, ONLY freeze skunk and bobcat if you are going to bring “whole frozen” species to the auction. All other fur bearers need to be either green or stretched to ensure higher dollar. This helps our fur buyers with space as well on their trucks during transport. It’s a good time of the year to take some youngsters with you out to scout your line locations and do some fishing. Be safe, remember to wear your hunter orange and we hope to see you at the March 5, 2016 Fur Auction at the Okmulgee County Fairgrounds.
Reginald Murray, President

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