President Report Sept – Oct 2018

President: Reginald Murray (918) 694-8190
Vice President: Glenn Pullen (702) 482-3624
Secretary / Treasurer: Britni Thurman (918) 850-2855
NTA Director: Craig Hendrix (918) 292-9186

F.T.O. Memberships and Fees

Junior – Age 16 and Under with Publication …………………………$10.00
Individual – With Monthly Official Publication ………………….…..$30.00
Family (1+ Spouse) – With Monthly Official Publication ……………$35.00
Lifetime – With plaque, patch and Publication ……………………$300.00
Lifetime (60+) – With plaque, patch and Publication …………..…$250.00
Members benefit: Publication – Trapper’s Post Magazine.
Members benefit: participate on the Fur Takers of Oklahoma GROUP Facebook page & FTO Members Only Discussion Forum.
New Member Benefit: FTO Patch for NEW members

To obtain a membership, please visit . You can purchase through the PayPal system without an account, using a credit card or check card, or download the membership form in either MS Word or .PDF format, fill it out and mail it to:
Britni Thurman – FTO Treasurer, 22524 East 19th Street, Yale, OK 74085

Presidents Report

Hello from Bristow, Oklahoma.

I hope this letter finds everyone doing well. As I write this report, most of Oklahoma including my own location, is going to stay under a heat advisory for an undetermined amount of time with no current relief in sight. Simply put … IT IS HOT! Oh well, I guess since I am a trapper, winter is just what I have always preferred, or at least anything 70 degrees or lower.

This report will find some of you before our next meeting and some of you afterward. This will be my last report as your FTO President. Our next meeting will be the fall meeting and this is the ELECTION year, so you need to decide who you want to nominate for executive offices and director positions and get those nominations in to me for the ballot. You can also nominate yourself if you wish to do so. Before nominating someone, please ask them to make sure they will accept.

I have been honored to represent the FTO through the years, meet new people and make new friends. This position has allowed me to share my experiences in life and introduce a lot of newcomers to trapping and other outdoor activities. For that, I will always be grateful. Thank you.

NOTE: Please contact us and let us know if you have had a change of mailing or email address so that we can get that information updated and you do not miss your subscription. FTO patches are $5 each. If you wish to buy some before a meeting you can mail payment to the FTO Address along with $5 for each patch you wish to receive plus $3 for shipping.
Please stay tuned to the F.T.O. Facebook page ( and website ( for the dates, times and locations of all F.T.O. Events. Please note that trappers can join the Fur Takers of Oklahoma, Inc. Facebook page at and the F.T.O. forum located at


As the FTO continues to grow exponentially in membership and participation, we are looking forward to these upcoming dates and activities:
• 2018 Fall Meeting – October 13, 2018 at the Okmulgee County Fairgrounds
1. ALL OK LICENSED FUR BUYERS are cordially invited to attend this event and ALL of our annual fur auctions. You have answers and trappers have questions.
• 2019 Fur Auction – March 9, 2019 at the Okmulgee County Fairgrounds

In closing … it is with a saddened heart that I report to you what I learned today via phone call. Oklahoma suffered a GREAT loss last month with the passing of Mr. Carl Carnahan. For those whom had the pleasure of meeting or knowing Carl, no words are necessary to describe how blessed you are. For those who never met Carl, I can tell you with absolute certainty that Oklahoma and Conservation are both at a lesser without him. Carl was one of the original founding fathers of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association during the inception discussions and the Father of Nuisance Wildlife Control in Oklahoma. He was an avid outdoors-man, conservationists, predator caller, trapper, fisher, hunter and retired Veterinarian. Even though he held proudly those titles and activities close to his heart, he was much, much more. He was a very loving family man and his actions towards his family and strangers should be exemplified. I know we have limited space in the publication for reports, but I could go on and on about Carl to the point that I would end up with a bestselling Biography about him if I continue. I can only hope and strive to be half the person Carl was and if I achieve that, a great man I would make. Carl … you are missed and our prayers be with your family.

The seasons are around the corner so remember to take a kid or twelve out hunting, fishing or trapping with you when you go … the activity can literally have a positive effect on their lives and how they grow up. Please remember there is benefit in joining the NTA, but if you don’t join the NTA … then join the FTO or another non-profit wildlife conservation organization. Make your voice heard. We hope to see you at the Fall Meeting in Okmulgee where Family, vendors, instruction and fellowship will be readily on hand. Please be safe, God bless you all and take care.

Reginald Murray, President

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