About Us

The “Fur Takers of Oklahoma” was incorporated and filed as a legal Non-profit Organization in the state of Oklahoma on October 13, 2013 … as a result of the fur harvesters within the State of Oklahoma demanding better representation, treatment and communications from “their” representing association than they received in the past. They also demanded better, fair and equal representation when business is to be conducted with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Active members of the annual harvest within the State of Oklahoma, recognize fur harvesting as the soundest method of providing a true balance and conservation effort in properly managing the states’ quickest and most self-replenishing renewable resource … fur. With the advances of modern techniques and technology … today’s fur harvesters are a very long way from the harvesters of old in both tradition and technique, and would definitely be the envy of old harvesters, like Jim Bridger, who paved the way for the fur harvesting tradition.

The Fur Takers of Oklahoma Incorporated strives to educate both members and the general public, in the modern ways, methods and techniques used to harvest fur bearing animals in the most easy and convenient manner, which allows for minimal stresses or suffering to a target species for harvesting.

We thank you for your interest in fur harvesting, and we look forward to seeing you at our events.

FEIN # 46-3864524

NTA 2015 Affiliation